Storm Water Grates

Aquabocci’s stormwater grates provide highly efficient surface drainage for stormwater run-off. It is innovative in approach, yet simple in design. It is a no-fuss solution for any surface water drainage problem around the house. Designed for both commercial and domestic surface water drainage application, Aquabocci’s stormwater grates are strong, durable and ideal for trafficable areas.

It provides both, an economical and an efficient solution, for the removal of surface water drainage.

Aquabocci’s stormwater drainage grates are suitable for:

  • Garage drains
  • Driveway drainage grates
  • Path channel drains
  • Pedestrian and paved area drains
  • Courtyard storm drains
  • Balcony drains

Aquabocci’s stormwater drainage products provide a unique and efficient stormwater run-off. Custom drainage solutions are available for most applications. This is an ideal solution for protecting storm drains and diverting storm water. Aquabocci’s drainage products are hassle free, so no cumbersome silt fence or similar device that either falls down or has infiltration points. It fully encloses the grate, eliminating sediment infiltration.

It allows maximum hydraulic efficiency of inlet components for lowest cost capture of approach flow.

Aquabocci’s stormwater drainage grates provide a safe non-slip transition across the stormwater entry pit. Grate surface is non-slip and safe for pedestrians, automobiles and cyclists. Installation of Aquabocci’s stormwater grates has an immediate and long term impact on stormwater purity. On installation, there is immediate reduction in contaminants at outfall. The stormwater grates have been engineered to provide quick access to accumulated water in places where there is heavy water traffic.

Grates require periodic cleaning to remove collected contaminants. Cleaning frequency depends on rainfall events and contaminant profile. Cleaning is inexpensive and simple with the Aquabocci’s stormwater grates.

We offer ongoing Customer Service Support, competitive pricing and the ability to diversify to suit custom requirements and time-frames. A complete range of grating and associated products are available. Contact our friendly sales team with your requirements or forward your specifications.